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Apartment Hunting in New York

Well the time is nearing. Repatriation to New York City. Not just anywhere in NYC, rather in da Bronx where I was born and moved away from, more than 46 years ago. My mother lives in Riverdale and now it’s time to be near her as she battles lung cancer. The idea is to move into one of the three buildings in her complex to be close enough in case of emergency (ICE).


The apartment hunt began this week. I flew into NY with my son who has a school vacation. Although he is only 6 it’s important that he’s part of the process, even if he doesn’t quite understand the implications of relocating out of the country. Giving him a voice in where to move into allows him to process this life change while feeling confident his mother is listening to him.

So began an extremely busy week looking at more than 40 apartments. The agent I worked with booked appointments to see everything on offer in this tightly knit community. There were very few rental opportunities.

What I was amazed at is the definition of renovation. Some of the buildings were asking more than 3 grand per month for a 2 bedroom and up to 4 grand for a 3 bedroom. This isn’t Manhattan. The list below is what needed renovation!  Here are some of the perks for renting in Riverdale in the Bronx.

  • Doorknobs that look like they’ve been punched and weary from turning
  • Intercom systems that belong in jail cells
  • Screen doors to terraces made of industrial metal of the 60’s which sad reminders of how far building owners have allowed their greed to fall
  • Dogged-eared linoleum
  • Crusty old clothes racks inside closets rusty looking
  • Peeling paint

Apartments in the Bronx fall far behind what is considered modern in say, Europe. That’s where I’m coming from after 18 years. All in all, these apartments indicate a backwards step in design and technology. Ugh!

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