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Kid Me Not

Aralyn Hughes author

Aralyn Hughes author

Aralyn Hughes is one of Austin’s colorful “keep it weird” artists in residence. She wrote a book called Kid Me Not. It’s about women who are now in their sixties who chose NOT to have children. As the dawning of the age of Aquarius and women’s liberation unfolded in the 1960’s, it led many to abandon the traditional roles society pegged them into. This anthology was written by mostly laywomen with a story to tell.

I was given a little space on their website because I’m not yet 60. As a tail end Baby Boomer on the cusp of Generation X/Y I did have a child although it wasn’t until 2001 when I was forty four and had a space aged kiddo. Here’s my story published on the Kid Me Not Blog.

It’s a Boy and I’m 44

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