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NY 400 Boulevard of Broken Dreams in Pieces

This week’s opening performance, including arts activities at the festival NY400 celebrated the Dutch landing on Governor’s Island 400 years ago. I attended what was sure to be one of several unusual events: Dutch food as art and an opera-meets-vaudeville rendition of Orpheus by Veenfabriek of The Netherlands.

From the moment me and my Belgian friend landed everything seemed to scatter into a thousand bits of confusion. The press office was unmanned. When I finally found someone to give me some information they said to come back in a half hour. Green bands were put around our wrists at the entry gate. A Dutch woman said it was for free drinks. When I got to the Heineken bar I lifted my arm acknowledging to the bartender that ‘hey bring it on’ as in, give us some beer. Which in Dutch culture means: a fun night out! I ordered two beers. He said it would cost $6.00 a piece. He sarcastically lifted his arm in reply


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